Why In the World Would I Join a Yacht Club?

Why In the World Would I Join a Yacht Club?

‘Most everyone is busier today than they were last year, or they were the year they first got into boating.  Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to enjoy your boat at all.  So, why would you want to add the activities of a yacht club membership to your already-too-full leisure time?

Simply put, joining a yacht club can enhance your boating experience, and give you more reasons and excuses than ever to find time for your boat.  Here are some reasons why a membership may be right for you and your family:

  1. Yacht club membership can enlarge your boating world. By belonging to a yacht club you gain friends and opportunities for sporting and social activities that widen and enrich your life. Though most members have boats, and some require it, is not unusual for a yacht club to have members who have no boat at all but who like to be around people who do, for the stories they tell, and for the group activities the club organizes.
  2. Cruising is so much more fun as part of a group. Most yacht clubs have organized club cruises several times during the year. These are visits by a fleet of club boats to other yacht clubs and harbors in the area.  Often there are group dinners and activities at the cruise destinations.  Club cruises encourage participants to visit new destinations with congenial people, swap tales with fresh ears, and add a new dimension to any boating routine.
  3. Boating Education Programs. Many yacht clubs have programs that teach sailing and seamanship. You, your kids and grand kids benefit from those programs, and so do many from disadvantaged homes who are sponsored by the clubs.
  4. Racing. You have to belong to a yacht club to participate in many organized sailboat races.  Although sailing races are the most visible racing activities, most clubs also have power boat races such as poker runs and over-the-bottom regattas. Some clubs have their own racing programs, perhaps on Wednesday or Friday nights. Crews are always needed, so skippers always are on the lookout for handy hands.
  5. Reciprocity. As a member of a yacht club, you have guest privileges at all yacht clubs everywhere in the world that have reciprocity agreements with yours. That gives you friends in every port to contact for advice whenever you travel, on land or water.

If your home waters are in our area, we invite you to check out the affordability and benefits of membership in the Kingman Yacht Club.  With events every weekend all summer long and some 400 full and social member families, you might find that joining a yacht club community is just what you need to put new life into your time on the water.