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Strategically placed in the northeast corner of Buzzards Bay, Kingman Yacht Center is a gem in the realm of full service marinas. For seasonal and transient boaters alike, Kingman’s offerings are unsurpassed in an area that is known for well-established boating facilities.  From their modern, professionally manned service department to their beautiful competently staffed marina, there is no better place to spend the season or stop for a day than Kingman.

Here we’ve assembled a starter page for our transient and non-seasonal guests. You’ll find maps of the marina’s amenities and mooring field, the location of our facilities, and mooring reservation forms.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us!

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  • After making contact with the bottom of Buzzards Bay, it was clear that I had significant damage…

    I’d like to express my thanks to you and your team for the support and quick response following a difficult day on the water. After making contact with the bottom in Buzzards Bay it was clear that I had done significant damage to my running gear. Once I determined the we were not taking on water and all on board were safe and unharmed, my concern quickly moved to “what do I do next” knowing that I would need to get the boat out of the water as soon as possible.

    My first call was to Kingman Yacht Center where I reached Tara and explained the situation. Tara quickly and professionally followed up in a manner that provided great comfort. Her first question was to ask if anyone was hurt and if we were taking on water (and she confirmed that I could make way under my own power). Once we established my ETA of 30 minutes, she asked me to hale KYC on channel 71 when I was approaching the mooring field. She let me know that KYC would be ready for my arrival. A great comfort in the midst of a tough situation.

    Upon my approach to the docks a team of hands in blue shirts were waiting for me and allowed docking under one engine to be easy and efficient. As soon as I left the bridge the first question from the KYC crew was to confirm everyone was okay (always appreciated!). And, within minutes the skilled hands were moving my boat into the slings on the travel lift. It was a short 15 minutes from docking to seeing my boat out of the water to assess the damage – an incredible response time! Ten minutes later Chris was on hand to make an initial assessment and start talking about next steps to “save my summer”.

    Thank you to you and your team, in particular to Tara and Chris for leading the teams and their fast response (I wish I had everyone else’s name to say thank you too!). KYC provided the needed support in the midst of a crisis on the water – for that I’m truly grateful. Please feel free to post and share this feedback as needed. You deserve the positive feedback and I hope my experience can help guide others in need of assistance.


    – Todd S.

Forms and Important Info

Reservations & Facility Details

We’re thrilled that you’re planning a stay with us! Click here to reserve a mooring or slip and to learn more about what Kingman has to offer. We’ve also included a map of the entire marina.

Marina Amenities

Kingman offers a full suite of services to our guests. Enjoy our clean restrooms and showers, our full laundry facility, a meal at The Chartroom and much more! Click below for the complete list of what we offer.

Weather & Tides

Knowing what weather & tides to expect is essential to enjoying your time on the water. From today’s forecast through the next five days, plus accurate tidal information, we’ve got the data you need.

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Enjoy Your Stay!

Kingman Yacht Club

The social arm of Kingman Yacht Center, the Yacht Club plans and implements activities designed to enhance the boating experience of its members. Yacht Club Full Members have an advisory role in the planning and design of KYC affairs, and member committees have the financial and personnel backing of Kingman Yacht Club, LLC.

Reviews & Comments

Our true measure is how well we serve our guests. We think these reviews speak for themselves, and hope that they’ll convince you to stop in as well.

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