300,000 Reasons to Long-Term-Lease Your Slip

More than 300,000 new boats have been sold in the U.S. Each year since 2000. The number of new boat slips created is a tiny fraction of that amount. As demand for dockage grows – particularly at premium marinas – DOCKOMINIUM ownership is an attractive option to insure against rising slip rates and limited availability.

A dockominium is the water-based version of a condominium. Rather than owning an apartment in a building, the owner has the remainder of a 99-year lease of a boat slip in our marina. In addition to the exclusive right to use the boat slip, dockominium owners may use the common areas of the marina, much as one would have the right to use the common areas in a residential condominium development. The owner may occupy or rent the slip, or sell interest in the lease at any time.

The marina manages the common areas and provides all required services such as maintenance, security, insurance, administration, legal, brokerage and property management of the dockominium facility. Owners pay an annual fee to cover their share of those expenses.

Dockominium ownership assures that you’ll always have a place to keep your boat at one of New England’s premier marinas, free from worries over dockage rates and availability of slips.

Dockominiums at Kingman Yacht Center start at around $100,000. Slips suitable for a range of boat sizes are available. To learn more, email Heidi McManus, or call 508-563-7136.

  • A Great Overnight Experience

    First of all I wanted to tell you that Matt and I had a wonderful stay in slip 529 with you Sat night aboard “Tess”. The moment we radioed ahead and asked for guidance, the call was answered by a very pleasant gal and Ryan as well and he met us and showed us how to find slip! He also helped us get into the single slip as we are mooring folks with limited experience at docking! We were towing our dinghy which I needed guidance to bring up to front!! Learning on job as first mate for sure!! Ryan told us all about the marina, and also about himself as the owners son! We were very impressed at his politeness, knowledge of boating, docking, and amenities offered to us …. On Sunday we cruised around Patuisset, where I summered and came back to fuel dock to get ice, expecting to run up, but dock hand sent someone up to get it for us! That was another above and beyond act of kindness!