300,000 Reasons to Long-Term-Lease Your Slip

More than 300,000 new boats have been sold in the U.S. Each year since 2000. The number of new boat slips created is a tiny fraction of that amount. As demand for dockage grows – particularly at premium marinas – DOCKOMINIUM ownership is an attractive option to insure against rising slip rates and limited availability.

A dockominium is the water-based version of a condominium. Rather than owning an apartment in a building, the owner has the remainder of a 99-year lease of a boat slip in our marina. In addition to the exclusive right to use the boat slip, dockominium owners may use the common areas of the marina, much as one would have the right to use the common areas in a residential condominium development. The owner may occupy or rent the slip, or sell interest in the lease at any time.

The marina manages the common areas and provides all required services such as maintenance, security, insurance, administration, legal, brokerage and property management of the dockominium facility. Owners pay an annual fee to cover their share of those expenses.

Dockominium ownership assures that you’ll always have a place to keep your boat at one of New England’s premier marinas, free from worries over dockage rates and availability of slips.

Dockominiums at Kingman Yacht Center start at around $85,000. Slips suitable for a range of boat sizes are available. To learn more, email Heidi McManus, or call 508-563-7136.

  • It is so refreshing to visit an operation that cares so much about the client experience.

    Many thanks for all that you do to make complete strangers feel like family. From the first encounter, some six to eight years ago to our most recent two visits this summer, we have made friends and great memories along the way. I had the pleasure of chatting with Scott who only asked, “please let us know if we can do anything better”.  It is so refreshing to visit an operation that cares so much about the client experience. Hats off to you and your entire team for all the hundreds of little details that are done every day to bring that home.

    – David C. 8/2017