Let a Pro Show You How

THE KINGMAN BOAT PRO is on staff to help Kingman Boaters feel more comfortable using their boats. Just as a golf or tennis pro is available to his club members for instruction and professional advice, the Kingman Boat Pro will provide classroom instruction and personalized, onboard lessons to interested boaters. 

“Although I have been boating for a number of years, I felt that I could improve on my boating skills such as docking and general navigation by  taking some refreshing lessons. I inquired at Kingman, where I have docked my boat for several years and was introduced to the Boat Pro-gram. My instructor gave me individual tutoring on things that I could improve upon, with the side benefit of being out on the boat while I practiced. He was knowledgeable and did a great job explaining and making sugeestions. I found the experience very worthwhile.”  — Octavio B. 


Appointments are available at reasonable rates through the Kingman Service Department. We can help you with:

  • Using Your Electronics
  • Establishing a Routine Owner Systems Inspection and Maintenance Plan
  • Boat Handling/Docking
  • Onboard Navigation Instruction
  • Familiarization with Local Waters
  • Vessel Safety Check
  • Offshore Cruise Preparation
  • And more!

The Boat Pro’s job is to make our boaters feel more comfortable using their boats. If he can help you understand your boat and its equipment, perhaps you’ll use it more often and enjoy it more thoroughly. Isn’t that what we’re all here for?


We are new boaters, and new to Kingman. One nice feature at Kingman is the Boat Pro Service which includes an “on the water” professional instructor for boaters.  We used the Pro Service to familiarize ourselves with the local waters and find the best spots to enjoy.  We practiced piloting our new boat; accelerating, trimming and docking.  Our Boat Pro Instructor helped us with anchoring and dock line techniques.   He reinforced the navigation and basic boating rules along with common courtesy.  We had taken the CC Auxilliary Boating Course 8 months earlier and the Boat Pro Service was a great “hands-on” refresher.”   — Rick C

  • The perfect stop on the way north or south…

    Vacation report…we came down the CC Canal and took the north channel around the Bassetts Island with absolutely no problem at all (except all those sailing school people who thought we could dodge the Optimist Prams with our Sabreline 36 in a severe fog…good thing we sailed for 30 years before switching over to the “dark side” and could predict their random actions). We were on the Kingman’s face dock for a couple of days last week and had a great time at the Chart Room and also we walked into town to the Pocasset Corner Cafe, plus the hardware store and all the other high points in town.
    The cruising guides describe Kingman’s as a place to do nothing at all, and that is right on! We were so lazy we didn’t even launch the dink and motor over to the island for a day at the beach!!!

    – sblunden via The Hull Truth