Let a Pro Show You How

THE KINGMAN BOAT PRO is now on staff to help Kingman Boaters feel more comfortable using their boats. Just as a golf or tennis pro is available to his club members for instruction and professional advice, the Kingman Boat Pro will provide classroom instruction and personalized, onboard lessons to interested boaters. 

Appointments are available at reasonable rates through the Kingman Service Department. We can help you with:

  • Using Your Electronics
  • Establishing a Routine Owner Systems Inspection and Maintenance Plan
  • Boat Handling/Docking
  • Onboard Navigation Instruction
  • Familiarization with Local Waters
  • Vessel Safety Check
  • Offshore Cruise Preparation
  • And more!

The Boat Pro’s job is to make our boaters feel more comfortable using their boats. If he can help you understand your boat and its equipment, perhaps you’ll use it more often and enjoy it more thoroughly. Isn’t that what we’re all here for?

  • The Chart Room features spectacular sunset views over Red Brook Harbor …

    An authentic, un-pretentious, deeply old-school ambiance and environment that is hard to find outside of Europe or black-and-white movies. This is a million-dollar restaurant that emerged gradually and naturally, without the interference of million-dollar branding consultants or chi-chi celebrity chefs. It’s an authentic throwback, the real deal, a personal vision, complete with live old-people music played on un-amplified piano and upright bass. They don’t make them like this anymore: they can’t afford to.

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    – Philbert P. of Stoughton, MA