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Past Newsletters


  • “Great Staff – Helped Me in 911”

    Unfortunately/embarassingly i have to share this experience. Recently I tied up at a mooring and got transported in for lunch at the Chart Room. After the meal we were transported back to the mooring. The young lady asked what mooring and I said U16 and she said we are here – but no boat. We looked to the right and about 400 yards away my boat was helplessly drifting away. She immediately called into home base at Kingman and requested another boat, since her launch couldn’t sail across the apparent shallow water afar. Within minutes, two young men in a boat bee-lined to my boat, secured it and brought it back safely to the mooring.

    The coolness, coordination of efforts and a happy ending must be shared by all of those involved here. The boat wasn’t secured enough to the mooring, my fault. Disasaster was averted by this obvious well trained staff. Thank goodness, the boat didn’t hit any other boat, rocks, wall, etc…..the stars lined up for this runaway boat of 22 feet. What clearly could have been a monumental disaster was quickly taken care of by the staff. Kudos to the Kingman staff.

    – Glen Hannington via
  • A Difficult Diagnosis and Repair Ends Well…

    I wanted to say thanks for doing the July repair work under warranty. You guys seem to be rather good at getting in front of a problem and addressing it, which I can tell you is immensely preferable to having to worry about whether I should be arguing for stuff. I got an earful from a buddy of mine (also with a Surfhunter) about the problems he had with (another local yard), and he was quite amazed that even with the problems I had with RADAR this summer, that I still recommended he bring you his boat. Hopefully our luck will be better in the future, but I’ve been impressed with how you guys try to stay on top of stuff and do the right thing for your customer (even the little stuff like making sure we had a ride home when the boat was towed in). Thank you.

    – Richard M. 9/13
  • Thanks to for Selecting the Chart Room / KYC as the “Best Bar & Restaurant for the Boater on Cape Cod!”

    One of the many great things about owning a boat is that different opportunities present themselves that you wouldn’t normally be exposed to. One of those is drive-up bars and restaurants for boaters. Cape Cod is one of the best fishing and boating areas in the U.S. and many of the restaurants and bars accommodate boaters. Here is some information on the best ones on the Cape ….

  • Very Well-Run Marina *****

    Great people, great service and lots of fun with the Chart Room on premises. Very well run marina.

    – Cape Cod Outfitters on Google, April 2017