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Scuttlebutt is the weekly email newsletter of Kingman Yacht Center. It’s one of the best ways to keep up with news and events happening at the Marina and in the Kingman community. Below is a list of our past newsletters, but if you’d like to be included in all the new ones, sign up using the form field below!

Past Newsletters


  • A Pleasant Stay in a Gorgeous Harbor!

    7′ draft easy in/out of the channel, 10′ min depth at mid tide. The harbor has calm water with wind any direction and locals are respectful of no-wakes, even on the holiday weekend. The harbor/dock staff are competent and pleasant. We bought fuel but did not use shore facilities. The on-site restaurant had good food with beautiful harbor views. Did not give the marina 5 stars because the dinghy dock is seriously overcrowded. It’s way too small for the large number of moored boats using it and it’s a real hassle getting in and out. It’s also pretty unstable to walk on and quite exciting for two people to pass carrying provisions and gear. The only other issue we had was having to move to a different mooring as we did not have enough swing room for 55′ boat in N/NE wind. We woke up one morning to find the ball of the boat behind us under our swim deck. The Dockmaster was quick to help out though and moved another boat to accommodate us. Very professional. Overall a pleasant stay in a gorgeous harbor and we would definitely return.

    – Silverheels via Marinas.Com
  • “Great Staff – Helped Me in 911”

    Unfortunately/embarassingly i have to share this experience. Recently I tied up at a mooring and got transported in for lunch at the Chart Room. After the meal we were transported back to the mooring. The young lady asked what mooring and I said U16 and she said we are here – but no boat. We looked to the right and about 400 yards away my boat was helplessly drifting away. She immediately called into home base at Kingman and requested another boat, since her launch couldn’t sail across the apparent shallow water afar. Within minutes, two young men in a boat bee-lined to my boat, secured it and brought it back safely to the mooring.

    The coolness, coordination of efforts and a happy ending must be shared by all of those involved here. The boat wasn’t secured enough to the mooring, my fault. Disasaster was averted by this obvious well trained staff. Thank goodness, the boat didn’t hit any other boat, rocks, wall, etc…..the stars lined up for this runaway boat of 22 feet. What clearly could have been a monumental disaster was quickly taken care of by the staff. Kudos to the Kingman staff.

    – Glen Hannington via
  • Five Stars!

    Awesome service, as usual! Always smiling faces, helping hands at fuel dock and finding mooring. Nice job converting the restaurant area during the pandemic.

    – gretgov via Marinas.Com
  • You Really Do Get What You Pay For….

    I’m a seasonal renter here. I’ve learned over many years and many different marinas that prices and service levels vary wildly. And, service is not always in line with the price. But, at Kingman’s it really is. Everything is pretty high-end here. The professional staff, the well-maintained facility, the restaurant and tiny shops. Over time I’ve learned that I can trust these people to do what they say and help when asked.

    Also, given a few comments below I feel the need to comment on the quality of the work from the yard. It is simply the best I have come across in two decades of cruising New England. Yes, it is going to be pricey as they don’t give anybody a ‘deal.’ But, the work gets done right (every time -no kidding). My 1997 Hunter has had its share of issues. Once the staff at Kingman spends time on it, what was broken stays fixed. That’s something that I can’t say of most of the other yards I’ve dealt with.

    – Glenn Dill via 7/14