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Scuttlebutt is the weekly email newsletter of Kingman Yacht Center. It’s one of the best ways to keep up with news and events happening at the Marina and in the Kingman community. Below is a list of our past newsletters, but if you’d like to be included in all the new ones, sign up using the form field below!

Past Newsletters


  • In terms of protected harbors, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one…

    In terms of protected harbors, you would be hard-pressed to find a better one than Red Brook, tucked in behind Bassetts Island in Cataumet (a village of Bourne) in the northeast corner of Buzzards Bay. Located between Wings Neck and Scraggy Neck, Red Brook Harbor serves as a convenient stopping point for cruisers passing through Buzzards Bay and a great place to catch one’s breath either before or after navigating the Cape Cod Canal.

    Read the whole review HERE.

    – New England Boating
  • Five Stars on Yelp!

    The Marina is typical New England style, no pool no frills. What KYC offers is a well protected from harsh weather marina. KYC is a GREAT area for a weather layover. 
    The Chart Room Restaurant offers great sunsets and popular drinks, the food is okay, just okay. As stated the showers are generous in size and water is very hot and plentiful!

    Yard staff is better than great!  The yard staff understand your needs and can attack most problems on a very timely basis.  I would stay there anytime, as the yard staff is the draw for me.

    – Dow J. via Yelp! 10/1/2017
  • You Guys are the Best!

    You guys are really the best! I have never had such great service in all my 56 years of boating! 

    – Will and Laura S. 4/2019
  • A Difficult Diagnosis and Repair Ends Well…

    I wanted to say thanks for doing the July repair work under warranty. You guys seem to be rather good at getting in front of a problem and addressing it, which I can tell you is immensely preferable to having to worry about whether I should be arguing for stuff. I got an earful from a buddy of mine (also with a Surfhunter) about the problems he had with (another local yard), and he was quite amazed that even with the problems I had with RADAR this summer, that I still recommended he bring you his boat. Hopefully our luck will be better in the future, but I’ve been impressed with how you guys try to stay on top of stuff and do the right thing for your customer (even the little stuff like making sure we had a ride home when the boat was towed in). Thank you.

    – Richard M. 9/13