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What’s the Best Way to Winterize My Boat’s Gas Tank?

With winter storage season comes the frequently-asked question, "What's the best way to winterize my gasoline tanks?" Our best answer comes from an understanding that there are three basic threats to your gasoline fuel system during long-term storage:   1) "Bad Gas." When left sitting still, gasoline can begin to "go bad" in a matter of months.... Continue reading
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Got Leaks?

Tracking down an exterior fresh water leak aboard a boat might be the most frustrating service issue a boater can face.  That nagging drip whenever the rain blows hard onto the forward port quarter ... or the puddle on the galley counter that's there every time you leave the boat... Continue reading
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Boat Care & Maintenance Guide

Kingman Yacht Center is pleased to present the 2018 Boat Care & Maintenance Guide. It's a complimentary, comprehensive overview of boat systems, often-overlooked maintenance items and service recommendations. Whether you work on your own boat or have it professionally serviced, this guide will help to identify potential problems so you can... Continue reading