Wouldn’t it be great if you had more time to enjoy. . .

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply show up on Friday afternoon and cast off the lines – without having to worry about what is (or isn’t) working? Wouldn’t you love to arrive at your boat every time knowing that systems have been checked and the boat is clean and ready to go?

That’s the idea behind Kingman’s Ready-To-Go Yacht Valet Service. We do the legwork for you – so the only thing you have to do with your boat is enjoy it. We’ll make sure the boat is cleaned and waxed, the engine is purring, the electronics work properly … and more!

Download the form below or give us a call to learn more. Summer’s short – but Kingman’s Yacht Valet Service can help you enjoy more of it.

  • We Had Fun and the Chart Room was a Great Time at Night ….

    We stayed at the Kingman Moorings for a weekend in July. We arrived at 1030. The marina staff said that someone was on the ball until 11. So we got a pump out to kill some time; worked out because Kingman has a large dock for fuel, waste and water. By the time we were done, our ball was free. Balls are separated alphabetically. Call launch on 71 and they can guide you effectively. Stay on top of the markers, the channel is supper narrow and super shallow outside. We had fun, and the Chart room was a great time at night.

    – Babadean via ActiveCaptain.com 7/16