Wouldn’t it be great if you had more time to enjoy. . .

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply show up on Friday afternoon and cast off the lines – without having to worry about what is (or isn’t) working? Wouldn’t you love to arrive at your boat every time knowing that systems have been checked and the boat is clean and ready to go?

That’s the idea behind Kingman’s Ready-To-Go Yacht Valet Service. We do the legwork for you – so the only thing you have to do with your boat is enjoy it. We’ll make sure the boat is cleaned and waxed, the engine is purring, the electronics work properly … and more!

Download the form below or give us a call to learn more. Summer’s short – but Kingman’s Yacht Valet Service can help you enjoy more of it.

  • You Really Do Get What You Pay For….

    I’m a seasonal renter here. I’ve learned over many years and many different marinas that prices and service levels vary wildly. And, service is not always in line with the price. But, at Kingman’s it really is. Everything is pretty high-end here. The professional staff, the well-maintained facility, the restaurant and tiny shops. Over time I’ve learned that I can trust these people to do what they say and help when asked.

    Also, given a few comments below I feel the need to comment on the quality of the work from the yard. It is simply the best I have come across in two decades of cruising New England. Yes, it is going to be pricey as they don’t give anybody a ‘deal.’ But, the work gets done right (every time -no kidding). My 1997 Hunter has had its share of issues. Once the staff at Kingman spends time on it, what was broken stays fixed. That’s something that I can’t say of most of the other yards I’ve dealt with.

    – Glenn Dill via ActiveCaptain.com 7/14