Ensuring your boat makes it through a hurricane is all about one thing: preparedness.

Since its founding in 1932, this marina has weathered more than 85 hurricane seasons. Kingman Yacht Center has a comprehensive plan to manage the marina should a hurricane threaten.

We ask that our boaters familiarize themselves with the following procedures before the North Atlantic hurricane season begins in August. Please check the links below for information about our hurricane action plans and recommendations for boats on Kingman moorings and at our docks. 

If you have any questions about the plan or about how to secure your boat, please call Kingman Yacht Center at (508) 563-7136.

Hurricane Action Plan

Our Boater Hurricane Plan ensures that we have the information needed to handle your boat when/if a hurricane is expected to hit our area. All boaters utilizing a slip should complete this form and return it to our offices.

Hurricane Mobilization Plan

This PDF aoutlines the steps and procedures we follow to ensure an orderly evacuation of the marina. Seasonal slip customers and long-term lessees must review this document at the start of each season.

Recommended Procedures

Click below for recommended procedures for: