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Forget About the Sharks. How About the Jellyfish?

Unusually warm ocean waters around the Northeastern U.S. have brought a surge in the man-o-war jellyfish population. These are the ones that float on the surface - looking kind of like partially inflated plastic bags - with poisonous tentacles that dangle below the water. Swimmers or beachcombers that get too... Continue reading
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Oh #!*&@! You’ve Run Aground!

Sooner or later, if you use your boat, you will have an unexpected encounter with the bottom. Just knowing that it happens to everyone can help, preventing you from doing something rash to save face in the heat of the moment. So, after the intial "Oh #!*&@!" what should you... Continue reading
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File a Float Plan

“What are the most important things I can do to ensure my safety on the water?” Ask any seasoned boater, maritime professional or emergency responder and one of the top answers will be: “File a Float Plan.” Simply put, a float plan lets concerned parties know where you are, when... Continue reading