Product Spotlight: Lumishore SMX92-ccp Color-Changing Underwater Lights

Product Spotlight: Lumishore SMX92-ccp Color-Changing Underwater Lights

Underwater lights are not to every boater’s taste, but there’s no denying that color changing underwater LED lights are one of the hottest trends in boating today. Whether you’re a long-range cruiser, fisherman or cruising sailor they’re a great way to extend your day on the water and entertain friends long after sunset.

Until now, achieving those cool special effects and keeping your lights synchronized has been a networking challenge or reserved for large yachts with sophisticated systems and on-board technicians. With Lumishore’s new integrated underwater lighting system you’ll enjoy unprecedented color control and ease of installation without the networking hassles. Just connect their plug-and-play wiring system to your DC power source, plug in your lights along with your choice of controller, and installation is complete! Have an on-board sound system? Connect your audio output to the EOS Mini Controller and you’ve just created your own ‘Sound-to- Light’ entertainment system, pulsing your underwater lights to the beat of the music in any color, color cycle, or oscillating pattern. It can even be controlled by your tablet or smartphone. Check out the effects in this VIDEO.

Aside from the obvious “look-at-me” appeal of these lights, there are some other positives to consider. Are you a sailor? Mounted just forward of the prop on a racing sailboat, underwater lights allow you to instantly confirm the presence of kelp or other debris on the prop and leading edge of the rudder. Mounting lights near the waterline at the stern makes boarding from a dinghy much easier without the blinding effects of spreader lights. They’re also helpful for rescue of a swimmer, night diving, etc. Fishermen have a distinct advantage at night as the lights attract fish and bait like magnets. And if you want to attract immediate attention from another vessel or rescue aircraft, light up the water!

The Lumishore system is designed for transom and side mounting on nearly any type of boat up to 50’. A complete starter kit with the one Mini Controller and two 4,000 lumen SMX92 fixtures retails for $2,869, and even the $1,119 single SMX92 with just a Lumi-Switch control can grow into an eight light system mainly with some more fixtures and 1/2 inch holes through your hull.


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  1. Cliff

    Can you imagine the whole mooring field and docks outfitted with these? We could have a Dub Step contest by the Chart Room and podcast it along with the background of synchronized lights. Let’s put a mirrored ball in the lighthouse and bounce colored lasers off it. On foggy nights it would light up all of Cataumet and show up those snobs from Scraggy and Wings Neck. I’m thinking of getting an RC controlled sub anyhow. How about if I put one of these on that. What a gas watching that zoom around in the mooring field. Man, I can’t wait for this summer! Cheers, Cliff U-2.

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