Product Spotlight: The New SOS Distress Light by Weems & Plath

Product Spotlight: The New SOS Distress Light by Weems & Plath

SOS Distress Light
Distress flares are essential to safe boating, but they come with several drawbacks. Flares have a very limited shelf life, they are dangerous and difficult to use, they burn for only a few minutes each, and they contain environmentally hazardous materials making disposal a challenge.

Now, for the first time, boaters have an option. The SOS Distress Light is the first and only LED Visual Distress Signal Device that meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements to completely replace traditional pyrotechnic flares.

Unlike traditional flares, this electronic flare never expires which solves the challenge of flare disposal. This floating electronic flare can be hand-held, tethered, or hoisted aloft. It runs up to 60 hours, unlike traditional flares which last minutes or less.
• Complies with all U.S. Coast Guard requirements for “Night Visual Distress Signals” as found in the Code of Federal Regulations (46 CFR 161.013).
• Signal Powered by a high-performance, programmable microprocessor controlling an SOS signal flashed through a potent CREE LED bulb
• When combined with a daytime distress signal flag (included in package), meets all USCG Federal Requirements for DAY and NIGHT use in lieu of traditional flares
• Floats with lens-up, providing an omni-directional light display for surface rescue craft and a vertical beam visible to aircraft flying overhead
• A one-time purchase. No expiration or disposal issues.
• Family and boat SAFE – no flame!
• Simple, twist-on operation
• Visible up to 10 nautical miles
• The LED light will remain at peak performance for 6 hours, and will remain illuminated for up to 60 hours on one set of fully charged batteries
• (3) C-cell Alkaline batteries are included.
• Designed, engineered, patented, and produced in the USA

At around $100, the SOS Distress Light really is a game changer. Ask for it at your favorite marine supply store.


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  1. Raymond B. Goodale

    Does Kingman YAcht Center stock them?

    1. Scott Zeien

      Yes. Kingman stocks the lights at $99.95. If you’d like us to send you one, please call Deb at (508) 563-7136, or email at [email protected] .

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