Tips for Short-Term Docking

Tips for Short-Term Docking

The U.S. Coast Guard published a helpful article on effective docking strategies. We thought we’d share:

“We all experience the need for short tie-ups. And granted, if you’re just swinging in to refuel or to pick up a six-pack, it’s a pain to go the whole route of fore and aft lines, springs, etc. On the other hand, it’s nice if the boat is still there when you turn your back for a few minutes.

My preferred stop-and-go method has always relied on the midship spring. On that note, I should say any vessel that doesn’t have a cleat located at or near its midpoint is not properly equipped. That cleat can be a lifesaver in any number of situations — first, when coming in for that short stop. If the boat’s midship cleat — be it a runabout or yacht — is placed directly across from a cleat on the dock and it’s taken up tight, where can the boat go? That cleat-to-cleat bond will serve as a fulcrum of sorts, allowing the bow and/or the stern to drift out just so much ….”

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