15 Boat-Buying Don’ts

15 Boat-Buying Don’ts

We’ve always got an eye open for helpful tips, and ran across this from Boating Magazine ….

“Don’t put anything in your ears, don’t pet the neighbor’s pit bull, and don’t down that fifth shot of Jagermeister. All your life you’ve continually ignored good advice. First from your mother and then, when it comes to boats, from me. You’ve insisted on doing it your way, and look where it’s gotten you. Still, we can’t give up. If you won’t pay attention to Mom and me, here are ten boat-buying “don’ts” from guys you shouldn’t ignore and five more from me, which you probably will.

John has been selling boats for 12 years and tells me that when talking to a salesman, don’t ask …”    Please click HERE to read more