Thank you for everything!

Thank you for everything!

Thanks Chris;

We were just talking about you and Kingman in particular last evening with some friends at a Tabor reunion up in Boston. You have done such a great job as a boat manager and boatyard for us, we couldn’t be happier with the level of service and the people involved from yourself all the way to the launch crew !

As a result, we think (the boat) is in great shape as she went to bed that way for the winter. If you can put her on the list for early splash with maybe a coat of bottom paint by early May, that would be great as we plan to enter the Figawi this year, if somebody doesn’t want to buy her first! Don’t worry, if we sell her we will just get a slightly bigger one for more distance cruising with Red Brook Harbor as our “summer home.”

Thanks again for everything !!

With Gratitude,

Garrett D.