Product Spotlight: Siren Marine’s Boat Monitoring System

Product Spotlight: Siren Marine’s Boat Monitoring System

Every boater knows that small problems become big problems when no one is around.

Siren Marine products allow you to protect your asset, track boat movements, and switch on/off accessories from your cell phone, tablet or computer.  Born at sea, Siren Marine monitors are simply the best, most well thought out monitors on the market.

View real-time information on bilge, battery, engine hours, shore power, and temperature. Receive instant alerts when critical events occur. Track your boat’s movements and location, share location information with friends and family, and receive alerts if your boat moves out of a designated area. Because of this protection, most Siren Marine customers qualify for an insurance discount after installing their device.

The Siren system works on your cellular network, making it more reliable than more stable than Wifi or Satellite. Low power draw means that, even if your boat isn’t plugged into shore power, your Siren system will operate for months without significant power loss.  Check out the specs and details on the manufacturer’s web site.

Kingman Yacht Center is an authorized dealer/installer of Siren Marine products. Systems are in stock now for installation before you launch!  Contact Chris Gagne or Geoff Jacoby at (508) 563-7136 to find out which Siren Marine system is right for your boat.