Product Spotlight: Garmin’s Surround View Camera System

Product Spotlight: Garmin’s Surround View Camera System

If you have a bird’s-eye camera view in your car you would probably never want to drive without it again. Well, the new Surround View from Garmin brings that same safety and convenience to your boat!

Surround View is an intelligent, six-camera system that offers a 360-degree bird’s-eye view around the boat to eliminate blind spots and maximize visibility, situational awareness and safety around the vessel in tight maneuvering situations, such as docking in a crowded marina. The system includes three 1080p cameras looking forward, one looking aft, and two side-looking cameras. Surround View displays a full overhead stitched image with 360-degree real-time video views from around the vessel directly on compatible Garmin chart plotters or multifunction displays. Captains can view one or two cameras simultaneously with the bird’s-eye image, and even zoom in and pan around with individual camera views. It also provides a number of augmented reality features, including a visual bumper and distance markers.

Garmin’s Surround View is currently available as an OEM option on new boats only, but stay tuned for after-market applications. More at garmin.com.