We Need Your Help! Please Ask the U.S. Coast Guard Not to Remove an Important Channel Marker in Red Brook Harbor!

We Need Your Help! Please Ask the U.S. Coast Guard Not to Remove an Important Channel Marker in Red Brook Harbor!


In an apparent move to save money, the U.S. Coast Guard is considering the removal of Red Nun #6 in the south channel approach to Red Brook Harbor. They have posted the following in the Week 33/15 Local Notice to Mariners:

The U.S. Coast Guard is considering making the following changes to this waterway:
DISESTABLISH the following aids:
Hospital Cove Buoy 6 (LLNR 16560)
Your feedback is welcome and should be provided to Mr. Edward G. LeBlanc at 401-435-2351, or [email protected] by October 1, 2015. We will carefully consider all comments submitted and adjust our proposal if warranted. Only then will we begin to make on-the-water changes to aids to navigation, and in no case would any of these changes take place before November 1, 2015.
Refer to Project No. 01-15-063 when referencing this project.

Many boaters believe that removal of this navigational aid will present a hazard to safe navigation of this narrow channel. If you agree, please consider sending an email to Mr. LeBlanc. You might use the sample below, adapted with your own observations, name and local address. Thank you for your help in maintaining the safety of our waterway!

Subject: Hospital Cove Buoy 6 Disestablish, Project No. 01-15-063
To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. LeBlanc,
I would like to ask the U.S. Coast Guard to reconsider their proposed change to the existing waterway in the narrow channel to Hospital Cove, Cataumet, Massachusetts and not remove Red Nun Buoy “6”. The south channel and turn to the east is narrow and is shoaling more and more every year. A mariner’s turn into Hospital Cove is limited by worsening of depth to the east and if a vessel were to start their turn before Buoy “6” the controlling depth is less than charted. In short, I use buoy “6” as my ATN and point of reference as to when I can make a turn into Hospital Cove. This harbor is routinely used by deeper draft recreational vessels, and removal of Red “6” would provide a significant impediment to the safe navigation of this waterway.

Please consider my request to keep the Red Nun Buoy “6” in place and maintained.

Thank you,
Your Name and Local Address


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  1. Ed Redmond

    Please do not remove nun # 6 at the entrance to Red Brook Harbor

  2. Joe Sacco

    Having navigated the area for over 37 years , I can’t think of a good reason for eliminating red #6 . Keep it intact , maintain it , without it there will b many dissasters

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