Tips on Viewing Fireworks by Boat on Cape Cod

Tips on Viewing Fireworks by Boat on Cape Cod

Fireworks by Boat
There’s nothing like watching a fireworks display from the privacy of your own boat. If you’re thinking of catching a show this weekend make sure that your running lights and radar are working properly; check the condition of your anchor gear and that you have all required safety equipment on board; appoint a designated driver; and enjoy one of these fabulous Independence Day celebrations:

July 2nd

    Rain date July 3rd
    Time: Dusk
    Place: Rock Harbor

    July 3rd

    Time: 9:00pm
    Location: Jetties Beach
    Rain Date: July 5th

    July 4th

    Time: Dusk
    Place: Falmouth Heights Beach

    Rain date September 3, 2016
    Time: Dusk
    Place: Lewis Bay

    Time: Dusk
    Place: MacMillan Wharf

    Time: Dusk
    Place: Wequassett Inn, Pleasant Bay, East Harwich