Product Spotlight: The Elco AC Electric Motor

Product Spotlight: The Elco AC Electric Motor

We’ve knocked around the idea of repowering our launch with an electric motor for some time now.  As a result, we’ve accumulated a lot of research and we’re really impressed with the Elco AC induction motors.  So impressed that we’ve decided to sell and install them as authorized dealers.

The Elco EP Motor is ideally suited for displacement and semi-displacement hulls from 15′ through 85′, such as sailboats, launches, catamarans, trawlers or any vessel that travels at hull speed.  It’s AC induction motor is more efficient than its DC counterpart by a factor of 20% to 40%, depending on the load. It creates a lot more torque, accelerates faster, and since it has no mechanical connections, other than the ball bearings at each end of the rotor, maintenance is minimal. In short, it is a simple, rugged and reliable design.
Furthermore, an AC motor is more receptive to electrical regeneration – it naturally wants to regen.  Run it as a stand-alone motor and recharge at the dock, or hook it to a diesel generator, wind or solar power, or propeller regeneration to for virtually unlimited range.
The Elco EP Motor comes in 6 different sizes, ranging from a 6 horsepower equivalent to a 100 hp unit for boats between 50 and 80′.  Whichever best suits your needs, you’ll benefit from:
  • No exhaust fumes produced
  • Silent motor operation – No noise pollution
  • Recyclable batteries
  • Very small carbon footprint if charged by the solar or wind power options
  • Cruise all day and charge the batteries overnight for just pennies
  • The motor fits standard engine mounts
  • Never needs a tune-up; no need to winterize
  • Available for conventional shaft connection applications and sail drive units
  • The motor is water and particle resistant
  • The patented enclosure ensures that the motor runs cool so it will not heat up the cabin
  • Great reliability, with an operational service life of 50,000+ hours before scheduled maintenance
  • More than twice the cruising range than an equivalent diesel engine in a hybrid system

Check out this short, one-minute video for a little more info, visit the manufacturer’s web site, and/or give John a shout to talk about how the motor might work in your boat, compatibility, cost, etc.  He’s at [email protected], or (508) 563-7136.