Product Spotlight: Navionics’ Dock-To-Dock Auto-Routing Software

Product Spotlight: Navionics’ Dock-To-Dock Auto-Routing Software

Reprinted from Panbo, by Ben Ellison 12/31/2015

Navionics Dock-to-Dock
Let’s (begin 2016) with some new technology that will really make a difference. I think it’s Navionics’ new Dock-to-dock autorouting system, and it may not be getting the recognition it deserves because Navionics already offered autorouting that was only marginally useful (like the others I’ve tried). Dock-to-dock is not perfect, but it still strikes me as a quantum leap improvement that many boaters are going to appreciate…. I first tried Navionics original autorouting algorithms when they became a $10 option in its Boating app and then again when Raymarine integrated the Navionics feature into its Lighthouse MFD software. Like Garmin and C-Map autorouting, it was okay at finding the shortest path in fairly open waters, but it didn’t honor navigation buoys and it often choked up completely when challenged with narrow passages…. So it was great to see the new Dock-to-dock algorithms lay out a sensible route all the way from Gloucester inner harbor to the Kingman Marina deep in Cataumet….

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