Please Act to Prevent Ethanol Fuel from Ruining Your Boat’s Engine(s)!

Please Act to Prevent Ethanol Fuel from Ruining Your Boat’s Engine(s)!

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The EPA has just announced its plans to further increase the country’s ethanol mandates, surpassing the current record high levels finalized less than one year ago. By next year, the EPA is requiring the American public to consume 700 million more gallons of renewable fuel, whether they want to or not.
Are you afraid of E15 and other higher blends of ethanol destroying marine engines? Too bad, the EPA wants to increase the supply of these fuels to approximately one billion gallons.
Do you want to continue to be able to purchase ethanol free gasoline? Too bad, the EPA plans to decimate E0 supply by 5.1 billion gallons to just 200 million gallons.
Do you want to protect consumers from the dangers of E15? Too bad, the EPA still has no plans to better educate and protect the public.

The good news is that this is still just a Washington proposal, and that we can help correct the Obama Administration’s error before it becomes finalized. But that means we must mobilize as an industry and tell the EPA to keep high ethanol blends out of our fuel supply.
Click here to send an official comment to the EPA. While you’re at it, you’ll be asked to encourage your Congressional representative to co-sponsor a new bill that will prevent the EPA from increasing the nation’s ethanol supply.

With E15 expected to grow to some 2,000 new stations in 2017, boaters need to make our voices heard.