New Study Reveals 142 Million Americans Went Boating in 2016

New Study Reveals 142 Million Americans Went Boating in 2016


An estimated 142 million Americans (adults and children under the age of 18) went boating in 2016 – 36 percent of U.S. households – according to the 2016 Recreational Boating Participation Study …. Of the 142 million individuals, 17 million individuals were first-time participants, and half of these first-time participants were children under age 18. Of those Americans who went boating in 2016, those who spent the most hours on the water or engaged in fishing and water sports were more likely to consider purchasing a boat ….

On average, active boaters spend an average of 71.5 boating hours per season.  The median age of a first-time boating experience was 12, and individuals who had a childhood boating experience were more likely to remain active boaters (52 percent vs. 40 percent of lapsed boaters), reinforcing that people who boat as a child are more likely to be life-long boaters.  There is a strong connection between fishing and boating: 83 percent of active anglers were also active boaters.  Boating is a social pastime. Almost all active boaters say they spend time with friends or family while boating (95 percent). Enjoying nature (94 percent) and relaxing (93 percent) are also nearly universal boating experiences.

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