Getting Your Boat Ready for Spring: Outdrive Maintenance

Getting Your Boat Ready for Spring: Outdrive Maintenance

By the nature of their design, I/O’s are vulnerable to salt water ingress at the transom and especially susceptible to corrosion. Before your boat goes back into the water, you should remove the outdrive(s) and:

  • Inspect the bellows and replace if cracked
  • Check the gimbal bearing for signs of wear
  • Drain oil to check for evidence of water due to leaking prop shaft seal or water pump seal;  replace with new oil
  • Inspect raw water cooling system, checking impeller, cleaning strainer gauzes and removing salt from passageways; reassemble and paint
  • Remove prop, inspect for damage and grease shaft
  • Align and lubricate gimbal bearing, universal joint and drive shaft on re-installation
  • Replace the zincs

As always, with this or any other maintenance item, if you have questions you can call us for answers at (508) 563-7136 X105.  Or send us an email tochrisg@kingmanyachtcenter.com.