COVID Cruising to Kettle Cove

COVID Cruising to Kettle Cove

COVID-19 has changed the cruising landscape. Some towns and anchorages are restricting visitors. Boaters are being asked practice social distancing on the water and ashore. Some of your favorite spots are still waiting to open. So now’s a great time to add some new destinations to your cruising repertoire. 

If you’re a Buzzards Bay boater looking for a daytrip destination, check out Kettle Cove, located on Naushon in the Elizabeth Islands chain. This pristine crescent of sand is a peaceful place to enjoy a few hours swimming, snorkeling, and appreciating the Bay’s natural beauty. The beach that skirts the cove is small but features lovely white sand and clear water that invites snorkeling and swimming. Small boats can pull right up to the beach as long as they keep clear of the scattered rocks, but larger vessels will need to anchor just offshore.   Kettle Cove is well protected from southerly winds, which makes it a great spot during the summer.

When you visit Kettle Cove Beach, please respect the island’s residents by following all posted rules. Do not trespass beyond the beach and keep dogs under your control. Keep the beach clean by carrying out any trash. No fires or overnight camping allowed. Kettle Cove Beach is one of three Naushon beaches (along with West Beach next to Robinsons Hole and Tarpaulin Cove Beach on Vineyard Sound) where members of the public are welcome. There are no public restrooms here.

Of Naushon’s three public beaches, Kettle Cove Beach has the rockiest shoreline – which makes it an interesting place for all ages to beachcomb along the water’s edge. Bring along a pair of water shoes to wade in the shallows in search of small crabs and fish.