Best Floating, Waterproof Cell Phone Cases

Best Floating, Waterproof Cell Phone Cases

Many newer cell phones claim to be waterproof, and watertight cases can protect your phone from damage, but none of this matters if your dropped phone sinks to the bottom of the bay. We’re big believers in stowing phones in waterproof pouches that enable you to use the phone without fear of losing it overboard. Here are three of our favorites:

Gear Beast/GearDry

This universal case accommodates all smartphones up to 6.0 inch diagonal. IPX8 certified waterproof to 10 feet, the secure seal and durable materials will keep your phone and other items dry and protected. With a specially-designed air bladder built into the pouch the case, and its contents, will stay at the surface for easy retrieval.The GearDry case is constructed of crystal clear material that allows full touch screen access so that you can check emails, texts or surf the web. The clear front and back allows you to take pictures and videos without removing your phone from the waterproof case. $12.99 at www.amazon.com.


These floating, waterproof pouches are well built and well thought out. While most competitors have a single layer of cheap plastic protecting your devices, CaliCase uses dual PVC protection, a metal hanger and a high-quality lanyard. This pouch is IPX8 certified, can be submerged to 10 feet, and it looks and feels resistant from the first time you hold it. It can fit phones with screens as large at 6 inches, so most of you are covered. CaliCase pouches are affordable at only $14.99 (www.amazon.com) for the standard size, or $15.99 for the extra large version designed to more comfortably fit larger devices.

Frog Suit

If your phone goes overboard in a FrogSuit, not only will it not get wet but it will float and the bright color insures it will be found. FrogSuits are floating, waterproof, highly visible, padded neoprene cases for your iPhone or smartphone. They are waterproof to at least 20′ for many hours and the camera can be used underwater. Out of the water, the touchscreen is fully functional. Unlike other floating phone lifejackets, FrogSuits are small enough to fit in your pocket. Your phone in its everyday protective case will fit in a FrogSuit. $29.99 at www.etsy.com